Soul Reflections: Through My Eye’s Part 1

What began as the simplest idea has grown into something I never could have imagined.  One thought, one goal, one album. Soul Reflections.  The wait is over and as I prepare to release my baby to the world I feel a sense of accomplishment yet at the same time a certain amount of hesitance.  As an artist its hard to just let go of something that has been apart of you for the past three years.  Different versions, different ideas, yet the direction for the most part stayed the same.  This has been an incredible journey.  One that I have been fortunate enough not to have to take alone.  This is the story of “Soul Reflections”, through the words of the man who put his pen to his pad wanting only to show to the world what he was really thinking.

My journey began prior to the initial idea that sparked this album in 2006.  I fully believe this journey began when I slowly began to realize that writing was something I was good at and something that I absolutely loved to do.  Sometimes I think it is the only thing that I am truly good at, and if that’s the case I can deal with that.  Its an incredible gift to have and something that I cherish completely.  A wordsmith, that’s me.  I take that title very seriously so it should surprise none at how picky I am with my words and can also at times explain the time it takes me to put these words together.  A perfectionist I would never claim to be, however when it comes to my writing I feel that everything has to be as perfect as can be.  Yes I realize that that is a lofty goal to place on my work, but what would you rather me do?  Aim to be mediocre?  I wouldn’t do that to myself, and I would not do that to something that means so much to me.  Where should I really begin?  How about with the good ol’ days with The Society Of Invisibles.

TSOI as we are more commonly known as is a collective of artists and producers who came together with the hopes of making some classic music.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to the first meeting and from that point on TSOI was family.  It was my time with the group that I believe my talent really began to grow and blossom into what it is today.  I’m thankful for being with this squad and I’m proud of what we did.  Being surrounded by creativity creates creativity.  I believe that wholeheartedly!  During this time frame I wrote more than I ever have in my life, and for what ever reason it all came very easily to me.  Sitting in on studio sessions and writing sessions made me step my pen game up to show the other members in the crew that I belonged amongst the ranks.  I looked at my brothers and what they were doing and I slowly began to see that they inturn were focusing on what I was doing and friendships were strengthened based on the music that we made together.  I will never forget the first time i spit a piece I wrote which later became my signature piece “Roknowledge”, and the reaction that it got from my boys.  At that point I think I knew i was onto something and I wasnt the only one who realized that.  I cant mention the early days and not mention two people in particular who really believed in me.  Those two people being Judgement and my man Erel.  Erel himself a spoken word cat really dug what I did and he is the main reason my joint was included in our show sets.  I thought he was crazy at first wanting to incorporate a spoken word piece into a hardcore hip-hop set but you know what, he was right and it worked.  Midway through every TSOI set I was brought out and I did my thing.  Imagine being in front of a fevered crowd who’s energy was high and your brought out to do some poetry!  I was nervous the first few shows, why wouldn’t I be!  To my surprise the crowd always felt what I was doing and showed me a lot of love.  I can say it always felt great to look out in the crowd and seeing everyone focused on you, hands in the air, some with lighters, some with their cell phones in the air, all sitting in the palm of my hand as I recited the opening line “Dialogue delivered to my past lives, I’ve been hung, shot, beat, I’ve been chastised….”

To Be Continued….



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