Soul Reflections: Through My Eye’s Part 2

I never would have imagined that one song, one piece of poetry would be what really got me thinking that I should write and record more.  I’m glad that I did.  I spent a lot of my free time penning new pieces, always trying to out do myself in the process.  Funny thing is that is what caused me the most headaches.  I’m a very harsh critic and when it comes to my work I am even harder on myself than I am on anyone else.  I guess that comes with the territory though.  I also believe it is something that sets artists apart from their peers.  I will say this, I have been blessed to be given so many different opportunity’s over the years, in fact I am so thankful for each and everyone of them.  Not being an emcee yet being asked to get on songs or to intro an album or close an album out is really dope to me.  I have done so many feature spots over the years that it at least told me that what I was doing was dope.  The thing that made all of these feature spots so meaningful was that it helped establish my name.  Being with TSOI people knew who we were and knew who some of us were, unfortunately early on I was only on one joint so I had a lot of time to branch out and do more.  I think it was with these features that I really hit a groove and at the same time stepped my pen game up further.  I will say this as to my mindset going into a collab.  I feel that I absolutely have to have the best verse on the record or I didn’t do my job.  Did I always achieve that?  For the most part, in my own mind I think I did.  Now don’t take that the wrong way, I just feel very strongly about what I do.  Being on a record with other artists changes things and if your not trying to shine, whats the point?  You didn’t see Canibus (in his early days) getting on a record and spitting something sub par.  When he guest featured on a record you knew his verse would literally shut that track the fuck down!  So what’s my point?  I’m not entirely sure but it was these collabs that introduced me to Lost Perception, Flip and Joe who at the time were The Council Productions.  This is where “Soul Reflections” started to become a reality!

It was 06′ and I recall being over at my dude Blaze Rock’s crib and he was playing me some joints off of his Classic album “All Things In Due Time”.  I remember hearing these joints and the vibe they had and the obvious chemistry that existed between Blaze and the producers, who I would later find out to be The Council.  After he played me a handful of records I mentioned to him that I wanted to record and album, but I didn’t know if that was going to be a reality with TSOI.  Not that they were hating or not believing in me, but more so because we had a lot of shit going on and I honestly did not want to wait any longer!  So Blaze suggested The Council and it sounded like a good idea so the next morning while I was on break at work I talked to Lost Perception on the phone and luckily he was down to work on my record which at the time was not titled.  I felt good about things and I even went as far as to set up some studio time with my man Eddie Satan so I could record some of my pieces.  You see at this time I was not at all comfortable recording my pieces over beats.  It just never sounded right and honestly I would spend more time trying not to ride the beat that the joints sounded like shit.  Long story short I go over to Eddie’s crib and in one day record 19 acapella tracks which I then shot over to The Council.  Time passed and one night out the blue Lost hit me up on AIM and told me I would have mail shortly.  He didn’t say what but I was hoping it was a record they had worked on, and it was.  The first record I heard was “Inhale, Exhale” and man did I think that shit was dope!  What The Council did with my acapella tracks surprised me and at the same time had me excited to hear more.  Luckily, slowly but surely the records kept hitting my in box and before I knew it I had close to 15 joints completed.  Or so I thought….

“My mind is for for thought and I’m serving up a banquet”

Download the record here:


One Response to “Soul Reflections: Through My Eye’s Part 2”

  1. jordann9ne Says:

    What up Rok man, I am gettin this collection here, Soul Reflections and I thank you.

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