Soul Reflections: Through My Eyes Part 3

Nothing that is worth anything is easy to obtain, and this record was no different.  Did I jump into all of this thinking it would take me 3 years to complete?  NOPE!!!!  I figured I would record my acapellas, send them to The Council and slowly await the tracks being completed, don’t get me wrong though, that’s how it initially was.  We completed over 15 joints and I was pretty happy with the outcome, but I needed an outside ear to give me a different perspective.  So I turned to my good friend Blaze Rock and let him listen to what myself and The Council had created.  I’m so glad that I did!  He let me know that although the material was fresh, the album sounded pretty flat.  An obvious oversight on my part and one I had to let sink in for a few minutes.  Thing is though, Blaze was right and shortly there after, following his advice we scrapped what we had and went back to the drawing board.  It was not an easy decision, but it was the right one.  You see for me at that time at least it was very difficult for me to record my pieces with the beats behind me.  It really threw me completely out of my comfort zone and was incredibly frustrating for me.  Another side of it was I was really afraid I would come off sounding like a rapper.  Silly I know but I’m so completely serious when I say I do not want to sound like a rapper.  I want to sound like me!

I really have to say that for this album I have been very blessed in many aspects.  Production wise, collaboration wise and Executive Producer wise.  The album sounds the way it does now because of two people.  Lost and Blaze Rock!  Having these two guide me through the recording process made this record so much more than a collection of pieces.  True I had to step outside of my comfort zone on occasion to make things work but it paid off.  Saturday afternoons were set aside for recording sessions at Blaze’s spot.  Track after track was laid down, adlibs thrown in, shit I never thought about doing was done.  Tracks began to have life and became entities of their own.  It was very dope recording my pieces and then sitting and watching as Blaze tweaked things here and there.  I really wish I would have filmed some of our studio sessions so you all could see the work we put in and so you could see what its like working on an album.  Saturdays were always good days, and for about a month straight we were working, recording 3 or 4 joints a day depending on how long it took me to get shit down right and also depending on everyone’s schedule.  I like most of my peers has a slight problem with showing up on time…mainly me though!  LMAO!  It all paid off in the end though!  We completed my joints for the most part and it was time to get my guests into the lab so we could record them and get their joints knocked out.  I always had a plan for the artists that I would feature on the record and they are all artists I have worked with before or artists I respected!  I had to be careful with whom I chose and really had to make sure they were aware of what this album was and what it would mean to me as well as others.

“The greatest questions are those that only your heart can answer”

download the album here:


One Response to “Soul Reflections: Through My Eyes Part 3”

  1. The Kidd Says:

    i have actually been looking for this album for a while now and cannot find a working link… is there anywhere else i can get a copy? either hard or digital?

    btw rok, i dig a lot of the material i have heard by you… reading about the album just makes me want it more lol

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