Get Healthy Or Die Trying # 1

I can honestly say that I have been at peace with myself recently.  This all goes back to a decision, though long overdue that I made back in March.  That decision was to get my health in order because my weight was out of hand.  It was a sad realization the day I weighed myself and saw the number that popped up.  Enough is enough.  So I began what I have labeled “Get Healthy or Die Trying”.  Trust me people it is not as gloomy as it sounds.  However it is very fitting.  I have never been one to diet.  I just never put much thought into it.  Obviously I knew I had a weight problem, but it’s something I ignored for a long, long time.  Looking back I wish I would have done this sooner, however I am glad that I am doing this and amazed at my progress thus far.  It’s a wonderful feeling now when I weight myself and see the pounds slowly coming off.  I am also incredibly blessed to have some amazing people in my life who have shown nothing but the utmost support for me and my journey.  When I began this I never had a goal in mind.  I didn’t want to pigeon hole myself into trying to reach a magic number.  I think for me at least that this is a great approach and one that is working.  Sure I get bummed out from time to time when I don’t lose as much per week as I would like, however I know this will not be something that will happen quickly, rather it is something that over time will slowly occur.  Currently I am extremely close to a total weight loss of 70lbs in a span of about 4 months.  This is more than a diet this is a lifestyle change for me, and is one that has overall made me feel incredible.  No longer do I walk around feeling tired, no longer do I wake up feeling exhausted.  I am able to do so much more as of late and I love it.  It’s also incredible when people see you and they tell you they can see the difference.  Trust me I do to, but hearing friends and family mention it just adds that much more inspiration to continue forward!

There is more to this now and in all reality it’s time for me to take things to another level with all of this.  To keep a long story short I recently visited a doctor for the first time in over two years and I had some blood work done.  I was fearful that since they were looking for something that they would in fact find something.  I know that’s a terrible way to look at things but those that know me and know me well know that I tend to focus on the negative side of things extremely fast.  Where was I?  Oh that’s right my blood work.  Well I received a phone call from my doctor Wednesday and was given my results.  Let’s just say they were not great, however they were not bad.   There are some warning signs right now that I need to correct in order to really get my health in order.  Those closest to me (with the exception of a few people whom I will be telling today) know what is going on and once I see my doctor again on Wednesday of next week I will possibly update everyone on the situation and see what’s next for me.  I know that is rather vague and could lead one to believe that something is terribly wrong with me and though that is not the case at all I will say again there are some areas of concern.  Luckily we know about these issues now and with the research I have done as well as conversations with my friends and family I know that no matter what I will have a strong support team as I tackle these issues head on.

Get Healthy or Die Trying…


2 Responses to “Get Healthy Or Die Trying # 1”

  1. Seth P. Says:

    Congrats bro. Not only on your progress but your healthy attitude going forward. Best to you.

  2. Mikaela Says:

    Sir Rok-

    You are amazing my Friend…..making a decision as big as changing your lifestyle is not an easy one. It’s so amazing to hear that this change is leading to nothing but POSITIVE things aka “A MORE HAPPY ROK” 🙂
    Keep up the work and dedication my friend….Like I’ve told you before, you are an incredible example of strength-


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