The Year that was 2010

It is hard to believe that 2010 has come to an end.  I look back on last year and realize that it has been one of the best years of my life and I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for me.  Below is a collection of memories from the year that was 2010.

Get Healthy or Die Trying

I made a very conscious decision in late March to finally do something about my weight.  It was no secret that I def had a weight problem, it just took me a long time to step up and do something to make a change and to better myself.  Its been a long an tedious road but one that I am so happy I decided to travel.  I feel great, plain and simple.  My outlook has changed, my energy level has changed, hell I’ve changed.  I am not the person I was a year ago and for that I am thankful.  One thing that I am totally blessed with is an incredible family and some amazing friends who have been their showing me their support since day 1.  Their motivation has definitely helped me out and its something I am eternally grateful for.  There are few things that are greater than seeing someone you haven’t seen for awhile and the first thing they notice is my progress.  Trust me, I see it too, but when someone else notices it a beautiful thing.

July 12th 2010

On this day my beautiful god daughter made her entrance and from the second I held her it was a wrap for me.  I cannot describe in words how much I love her and I cannot describe how grateful I am to have been asked to be her Nino by my brother Kenny and my sister Melly Mel.  I will never forget the day they asked me and my sister to be her god parents.  Such a blessing.  I look forward to watching the little princess grow and I look forward to spoiling her.  Kenly always know your Nino love’s you and will always be there for you.  You have played a major role in my life so far and you were one of my biggest motivations for making a change.  I love you.

Turning 30

2010 marked the 30th year of my life and to celebrate my mother threw me a huge 30th Birthday party.  It was quite the extravaganza from what I remember, lol.  It was great having so many of my close friends and family there to help me celebrate, and celebrate I did.  Shout out to all the shots that were drank, shout out to all the beer that was drank as well.  You know its a good party when you pass out in your drive way!

Rhyme and Reason

In March of this year myself, Mattlocks, Element and Madd Rich all celebrated the 2 year Anniversary of the show.  The celebration took place at The Blunt Club and we were able to fly out Illa J to headline.  It was incredibly surreal watching Illa perform on stage, especially when he was performing his brothers music.  I remember being to the right of the stage and looking at Yaya and we didn’t say anything, but we both were thinking about the same thing.  Shout out to The Blunt Club for having us.  2010 also saw the creation of a long talked about segment titled “Rok’s World”.  What more can I say, its basically me interviewing adult film stars.  I don’t think much else needs to be said about that, but shout outs to Andy San Dimas for the best interview of the segment thus far.  What else, shit we were able to interview so many artists this year, whether over the phone or in person.  Some highlights would be Ras Kass, Strong Arm Steady, Reflection Eternal, Crooked I, Joe Budden, Rapper Big Pooh, Emilio Rojas, Dessa, Ill Bill, Rakaa, Neil Armstrong, the list goes on.  Lastly, in late November we added a 5th member to the crew, Fact135.  2011 will be a great year for Rhyme and Reason.

June 5th 2010

On this day myself and Mattlocks were able to host the NAS show in Flagstaff!  If you are reading this you most likely know that there is not a bigger NAS fan on the planet than myself!  The day of the show myself, Matt, my sis, and my brothers Kenny and Cisco all made the drive up from the Phoenix heat to the cool air of Flagstaff.  The venue, The Orpehum instantly became one of my favorite venues in the state!  When we arrived myself and Matt headed backstage and chopped it up with Green Lantern for a few before the show began.  Prior to NAS taking the stage I was able to say what up to him  and for me that was a big deal!  The show began and for the next couple of hours I vibed the fuck out and enjoyed watching who I consider the greatest to ever do it do his thing!  After the show we we’re able to interview NAS on his tour bus and I was able to get a few things signed!  This def was the highlight of my year hip-hop wise!

The Shows

2010 saw my return to checking out shows that came through AZ.  It was def a good year!  I was fortunate enough to see Evidence, Joell Ortiz, Ras Kass, Crooked I, Dessa, NAS, and my favorite show of the year NAS & Damien Marley!  If you ever get to check out those two live do not miss out!!!


2010 also saw the continuation of the legendary “Cousins Weekends”.  Everytime we make our way out to Cali it is good times!  So many memoires, so many laughs.  I truly love my cousins and look forward to each and every visit.  Hopefully in 2011 the Cousins will come out to Phoenix.  Yes cousins I have officially put you on notice!

Meeks The Jerk

What can I say my little brother is growing up much faster than I’m ready for!  It’s still hard to believe he is 16 and driving.  Shit its hard to believe he is 16 with his own car.  I’m very proud of the little goon though!   I was able to watch him do his thing on the ice and also spent a lot of time with him just hanging out, going to the movies and playing video games.  Before I know it he will be graduating high school and going to college.  I love you goon!

Eighty Grand

This past year I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the Eighty Grand crew.  From the jump it was all love and we all instantly clicked with one another.  Shout out to Pablo, Mayra, Les, Dan, Spit and the rest of the squad for welcoming me to the crew with open arms.  We ended 2010 with a fantastic Charity event and I cannot wait to see what we do in 2011!!!  Did I mention the Eighty Grand clothing line is ill too?  Check em out online at .

AZ’s Dynamic Duo

It was another great year for me and my sis.  I’m blessed to have such an amazing sister in my life.  We roll together all of the time, and its to the point where if I or she goes out alone we are asked where the other one is.  Its also incredibly dope when people tell us they hope their kids have the same type of relationship that me and my sister do.  She is my best friend and next to my mother the most important person in my life.

To everyone thank you for making 201o such a memorable year for me.  2011 is already shaping up to be incredible!  I’ll be hitting Vegas next weekend for the AEE/AVN’s.  February will see me visiting Portland. OR and Seattle, Wa and I cannot wait to get there!  NY also prepare yourself for the Velasco invasion in April.


One Response to “The Year that was 2010”

  1. Mayra Says:

    This was an awesome post! It was great to know you as well and glad we are homeslices! Ping ya later! I win!

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