What A Difference a Year Makes…

What a difference a year makes.  365 days ago today I made the single greatest decision that I have made in my life.  As most of you know I made a serious decision to get my health in order.  I never thought I would be able to do what I have done up to this point, it just never seemed realistic to me.  I’m glad I didn’t let that deter me.  It’s been quite the ride over the past year.  I have changed in so many ways.  I am not the same person that I was, and I am grateful for that.  Sure I was existing, but I now know that I wasn’t really living.  Things change, and so do people, and yes some people fear change, I’ve been guilty of it in the past myself but in this case change is good.  Actually change is great!  I honestly feel that up to this point this past year has been the best of my life.  I cannot say thank you enough to my family for their continued support nor can I thank my close friends who have been a constant source of inspiration as I have embarked on my journey to “Get healthy”!  I am by no means done, I have work to do and dropping another 100lbs is something I want to work towards.  To date I have lost 115lbs, that number still shocks me but it is something I am extremely proud of.  Here’s to another 100lbs down.  Get Healthy 2.0!


One Response to “What A Difference a Year Makes…”

  1. heather Says:

    Holy cow…that’s amazing!! Keep going! You have a great attitude toward life, rok. Now if only all the other ungrateful busters of the world would follow suit…lol. Get some!!!!

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